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Onur Nurdogan


        MSc Civil Engineer LEED AP BD+C 

Onur Nurdogan has believed that a civil engineer should have a great vision in life.

According to his point of vision, the advancement of the combination of environmental, economic and social life across in a wide variety of communities around the world without compromising quality and safety should be placed at the heart of any engineering mindset.


Because of conceiving this awareness has made a decisive impact on his career as moving forward from working as a civil engineer at international conventional construction projects to the position of studying master program in relation to renewable energy and sustainable buildings at the University of Dundee, Scotland, UK.


During his one year program between 2013-2014, some of the preparations of his assignments and research study within the scope of sustainable built-environment context were prepared and listed below. (The details of all these studies are only a couple of clicks away if you are interested to read more. ) Right after to the achievement of master degree, he has become LEED AP BD+C.

In the summer 2017, he participated to the Green Building Solutions Program which brought first hand ecological knowledge and engineering expertise from six Austrian Universities and Institutes bundled in a three-week in the capital of energy efficient building Vienna, Austria.

The fields of his genuine interests to be involved : BIM towards sustainable/green buildings, passive houses, net/nearly zero carbon housing developments and integrating renewable energy in buildings.

If you would like to see his recent website which is related to the news about sustainable projects, knowledge, understanding, sustainable materials with a very influential blog page 

please visit

Sustainable Building in Context

Sustainability Monitoring Prediction and Assessment

Renewable Energy in Buildings

Ways to Study Built-Environments

Zero-Carbon and Low Energy Housing Development



Post Occupancy Evaluation Design Study for Energy Autonomous Prototype Studio in Dundee Botanic Gardens, Scotland, UK

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My Master Research and Assignments
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